Mystery Basket Project

Good news!  There is still time to participate in this project.  Go through your basket, craft and art supplies and put 10 items in a paper grocery bag. Seal the bag, bring it to the Fall Workshop, and give it to Julie Leisgang.


Julie will then assign a different number to all of the bags and redistribute them in identical bags to the participants. Participants will not know whose bag of supplies they have.  To keep it all a mystery, the bag may NOT be opened until you are home. Participants will have about four months to make a basket using their own materials and at least 6 items from the bag.  When completed, the Mystery Baskets are then brought to the January 26, 2019 guild meeting/potluck and returned to the person who filled the bag.



Everyone will need to use the same size plain paper grocery bag (or all from the same grocery store) so you can keep the bag owner a mystery.

The basket must be at least 6” x 6” x 6”; there is no maximum size. You must use at least 6 items from the Mystery Bag.  You can use any number of items from your supplies.


What to put in your Mystery Bag:

Dyed reed, wood, embellishments, natural fibers, handle, fabric, dye, wood base, waxed linen, yarn, beads, paper, wire… basically anything you have ever thought about putting into a basket or have seen in a basket.  Be creative and have fun with it.  Also remember you are not providing all of the material for the basket—you are providing items to encourage creativity.