2016 Sunday workshop classes - 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

                                                “Jazzy” by Char Ciammaichella
Size:  12” L x 7” W x 7” H
Weaving Level: All Levels
Materials Fee:   $35

Students will begin the basket by inserting spokes into an oval wood base.
Techniques taught will include 4 rod pair twining, start/stop weaving,
overlay placement and wrapping handle. Students will also place an
                                             overlay on the rim while lashing. Several “jazzy” colors will be
                                                   available to choose from.

hot cross buns

“Hot Cross Bun Basket” by Gina Kieft

Size:  10-1/2” L x 5-1/2” H Diameter 10-1/2”

Weaving Level: Intermediate

Materials  Fee: $58

Woven over a class mold for the perfect shape, this functional bowl                                                                   will serve many guests in style. The basket starts on a wood base 
                                                               with  the spokes glued in prior to class. Students will have a variety
                                                               of colors to choose from for weaving. Learn three rod wale with a
                                                               step-up and spoke placement to ensure your embellishment and                                                                       border are evenly spaced. Learn a new crossed embellishment with                                                                   color that will become your braided border.

“Flight” by Annetta Kraayeveld

Size: 6-1/4” L x 6-1/4” W x 4” H
Weaving Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Materials fee:  $40
Sorry--this class is full.

A striking little basket, filled with fun techniques. Students will learn how to weave a beautiful chevron base and how to lattice twine. Shaping techniques will be emphasized. Students will be able to                                                                         choose from a variety of dyed Hamburg cane.

Special tools:  small packing tool