2013 Fall Saturday Classes, 8:30 AM-5:00 PM

“3-Tier Decorator Display – by Eileen Mirsberger

Size:  13”W x 6”D x 25”H

Weaving Level: All Levels             Materials Fee:   $70.00


It’s a thrill to create a unique piece of furniture for your home.  Three oak shelves are woven in natural and dyed reed.  Black reed will be offered for the trim.  If you’d like another color, please request it when you register for this class so we are prepared.

Bring standard weaving tools and fast setting glue, such as Insta Set glue.

“Autumn Bound”Antler Melon Basket
by Cathryn Peters
Sorry - this class is full.

Size:  11”Lx9”Wx7”H (approx.)  

              Weaving Level:  Intermediate to Advanced 

              Materials Fee:  $65.00

This is a classic Cathryn Peters antler basket with a three-point lashing to make the weaving a bit easier for you!  Using a pre-drilled antler with primary ribs installed, you’ll weave with rich, warm, fall colored flat-oval reed and learn the secret to invisible turn-backs on this rib-style antler melon basket.  We’ll accent with coconut coir and/or seagrass.  Cathryn will share all the tricks of the trade and demonstrate correct drilling techniques.

Bring standard weaving tools!

“Your Twilly Oval” – by Char Ciammaichella

Size:  10”L x 8”W x 8”H

            Weaving Level:  Intermediate to Advanced         

             Materials Fee:  $49.00

Many narrow spokes are inserted into the wood base to begin this basket.  Students will decide the twill they want to use.  Techniques include 4-rod twining, continuous over/under twill weave and a herringbone lashing on the false rim and the top rim.  The herringbone lashing gives the rim a great braided look.  Color choices are green or black.  4-Rod twining on the base will be a challenge!

Bring standard weaving tools!