2012 Fall Workshop Teachers

Marlys Sowers    Milo, IA
Email Address:              Sowers@iowatelecom.net
Marlys began making baskets in 1985.  She’s always loved working with her hands and has a great love for the outdoors.   It seems making baskets ties the two together.  She raises 13 different kinds of basket willows, and gets great satisfaction in watching the willow grow, harvesting it, and preparing it for weaving.  She also makes many kinds of Nantucket, Shaker, and Appalachian styles of baskets.  She teaches at many conventions and special invitation classes throughout the US as well as at her studio during the year.  She feels very blessed that people like and buy her work.  Creating things with your hands keeps you in touch with the world around you and the things that
are really important in ones life.  Her web site is www.piniconfarmcrafts.com 



Dianne Gleixner            Brookfield, WI
Email Address:                     diannegleixner@sbcglobal.net
Dianne began weaving in 1987 and enjoys weaving Nantucket style, twills, and anything else with a challenge.  She has written and published over 50 patterns and exhibits and sells her baskets at art and craft shows in communities near her home and online through her Etsy site
www.Etsy.com/shop/DiannesBaskets      She has taught at many states for local guilds or state organizations.  In 2010, the Milwaukee Art Museum purchased a number of her baskets for display and sale in the museum store during a special quilt exhibition.  In July 2010 she took part in a Trunk Show featuring her baskets at the museum.  Her web site is www.diannegleixnerbaskets.com   


Kathy Tessler    Saginaw, MI

Email address:          tessler.kathy@gmail.com

I LOVE teaching basketry! My goal as a teacher is to fill my students’ heads with as many tips and techniques as I possibly can during a class. Of course I hope that they leave class with a basket that they really love.
Most of my baskets are “functional” strong baskets. I have specialized in double base/double wall baskets for many years and have LOTS of patterns available for my designs in basketry shops nationwide and online at
www.kathytesslerbaskets.com.  I also design totes that feature my leather handles. I especially enjoy using my double base/double wall techniques weaving with ash on a Shaker cathead mold. My students have been enthusiastic about adding these treasures to their collections.  I have taught at every AMB convention since 1987.  I also teach at several other conventions and gatherings nationwide.