2013 Fall Sunday Classes, 8:30 AM-3:30 PM

“Caned Elegance” – by Eileen Mirsberger

Size:  8”Diameter x 7”H

Weaving Level:  Intermediate     Materials Fee:  $55.00


Much easier than you think, this repeating twill is so visible that in no time at all, you won’t even have to count.  This stunning basket begins with a slotted oak base and is woven on a mold.  Dyed Hamburg cane weavers over natural cane spokes create the striking look.

Note:  Rim may not be completed in class by less experienced students.

“Wide Binding Cane Twill Footstool”

by Cathryn Peters
Sorry--this class is full.

Size:  12”L x 12”W x 12”H

Weaving Level:  All Levels        Materials Fee:  $60.00


Chair caning is a fun and profitable craft to learn, and in this class we will be using wide binding cane weaving a twill pattern on a square, green painted footstool.  You’ll learn how to weave the twill using the correct tension, the secret of invisible joins, and create a “pocket” around the seat rails, while weaving a slightly different pattern on bottom from the top.  Cathryn will share her “chair caning tricks of the trade” in case you want to take up the profession of chair seat weaving!

Bring standard tools/supplies and spring clamps that open wide!

“Ariana” – by Char Ciammaichella

Size:  18”L x 11”W x 9” H

Weaving Level:  Intermediate     Materials Fee:  $68.00


This large market style basket is started by inserting dyed spokes into a wood base.  A lot of techniques are learned with this basket that include 4-rod twining in a 2/2 pattern, twill over 2/under 1 weave, start/stop weave and a twining arrow using seagrass.  A large metal flower is added to the finished basket.

Bring standard weaving tools!