2016 Saturday workshop classes - 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM



                                            Vertigo” by Char Ciammaichella
                                                                   Sorry--this class is full.
                         Size:  14” L x 9” W x 8” H
                           Weaving Level: Intermediate
Materials Fee: $60
        This basket begins by inserting all natural spokes into a wood base. 
        Weaving techniques include 4-rod twining, many rows of 3-rod
        twining and diagonal weave. Shaping is set up with the 3-rod twining
        to make  this great pattern.

                            “Smokin’ Market” by Gina Kieft

                                    Size:  15” L x 11” W x 14” H including handle

                                        Weaving Level: Intermediate

                                                                                                    Materials  Fee: $66                                               

                                             This very usable basket starts with a woven base. Concentrate on
                                             weaving the basket straight up as you weave up the sides. Learn triple                                                 twining with  a step-up and a lattice overlay. This is a great basket to                                                     learn a Gretchen border. Top the basket with two swing handles.

three squared

“Three Squared” by Annetta Kraayeveld

Sorry--this class is full.
Size: 13” Diameter x 8” H
Weaving Level: Intermediate/Advanced

                                                        Materials fee:  $50

A striking basket. The base is a woven two color 2/2 twill (herringbone).
As you weave up the sides we will change the twill weave to accentuate
the dyed and natural spokes. Three ti-twining rows are a focal point of the                                             basket. Class will also focus on shaping and controlling 
                                         the cathead shape.

Special tools:  #20 tapestry needle