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2019 Spring Workshop

Wolf River Basketry Guild Spring Workshop
Saturday, April 27 ● 9:00am - 5:00pm ●  Richmond Town Hall, Shawano
Open to 2019 members of the Wolf River Basketry Guild

Kaleidoscope Tray - Sherri Beyrer—Instructor
registration closed

Kaleidoscope Tray is beautifully twined with 1/2mm and 1mm cotton cord. Purple
and teal weaving literally pop against a black background. The complimenting beads are glass. The beads cause the undulating effect of the weaving and also the slight puckering effect. The basket is woven round and then the eight corners are accentuated by pinching them. Students experience beads and puckering. Emphasis on twining, shaping and neatness. Kaleidoscope is recommended for all levels - some previous twining with waxed
threads is recommended, although not required. 
Size - 4-3/8” across x 1-5/16” deep. Special tools: Sharp embroidery scissors, small pointed packing tool
or awl, personal light and extension cord. 
Beginner to Intermediate.  $35.00 

Oval Carrier with Braided Handle Wrap - Dianne Gleixner—Instructor 
registration closed    

Beginning with an oval slotted wood base with an attached handle, students will insert spokes into the base, twine them into place, then weave continuous rows up the sides, continually focusing on shaping. A piece of dyed reed is woven in with a cross stitch technique, and a single row of triple twining is added, and the braided handle wrap is woven before the rim is lashed. Some color choices will be available for the accent weaving.Size: Length 15” x Width 11” x Height 6” (not including handle).
Special tools: Quick curing super glue may be helpful. Intermediate.

Lunch: Ham Sandwich, Potato Salad, Chips, Cookie and Water for $6.

We all love snacks, please bring to share with other members. 

Classes will start at 9:00am and end at 5:00pm. Please be on time. 

Richmond Town Hall, N5170 Co Rd MMM, Shawano Wisconsin