Monthly Projects

February 24 - 10am
Nantucket Style Bell - with Mark Henderickson

This ornament is woven in the Nantucket style with an odd number (21 to 25) of tapered 6mm cane uprights and weavers of fine or superfine cane. The bell is woven over a hand crafted bell mold made by Mark.
The base (bell finial) and the cheater rim are turned Eastern Black Cherry and slotted for cane.  Weavers will have a choice of a jingle bell clapper of 20 mm or 30 mm diameter bells, which will be strung with a leather strip. Uprights and cheater rim will be secured with white/yellow glue
If you have a D.E.L.S. – 3” Maggie’s Bell, the base and cheater rim will fit and you may bring your own mold.
Cherry rim, base, jingle bell, and leather strip       $10.00
Prepared uprights and cane weavers                    $5.00
Molds and stands will be provided for use during the class and have a 5/16” hole for a weaving stand,
if you wish to bring your own.
Template for tapering uprights below and will also be provided at the January Guild meeting.

6mm Cane or ¼” FO reed 21 to 25 x 4” long
44 feet of 2mm (Superfine) cane or 25 feet of 2.5mm (Fine) Cane
Please sign up at the January meeting or email Mark at
to make sure I have enough weaving stands.
____________________________________________________________________________________March March 24 - 10am
Ginger Cathead - with Mary Conradt.   Questions?  Call me at 715-823-4204.
pattern by Tressa Sularz

Please sign up by February 28th for pattern.
May 19 - 10am
with Judi Raddant

























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