Monthly Projects

September 21-23

2018 Fall Workshop

October 27 -
GIFT BASKET led by Betty Melichar

1/2” Flat - 7 @ 23” long - stakes; 4 @ 28” long - stakes; 3 @ 14” long - filler
1/2" Flat, 3/8" Flat reed for weavers, 1/4" Flat reed for weavers dyed
#1 or #2 Round reed for twining base, 1/4" Flat reed for rim row, Seagrass, 11/64" Flat oval
#1 Seagrass

November 10 -
PAPER BEADS led by Lois Chabalowski

In this class you will learn to make paper beads. Some basket patterns use wooden beads for embellishments or rim features. I am finding wooden beads increasingly more difficult to purchase with holes large enough to accommodate round reed. 
After this class you will know how to craft custom beads for your project.
Colors, shapes, finishes & hole size will now be controlled by you. 
Please bring 12” ruler, pencil, clothes pins or quilters clips, scissors
If you have 2 pieces of 12 x 12 scrapbook card stock that you have in mind for a
coordinating reed color for a future project. 
I will bring lots of different papers to experiment with.
Supply Fee: $7.00 
You will receive a roller out needle to take home. Please e-mail Lois at to reserve your space. All questions are welcome.

basket with paper beads crop   basket made with paper beads


























basket with paper beads

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