Monthly Projects

June - Summer Vacation

July - Summer Vacation

August 24 - Round Reed Fish led by Mary Schwartz

Spokes #3 RR 16@18"
#2 & #1 RR
Flat and flat oval 1/4" or narrower
Yarn (bulky works well), ribbon, waxed linen for tail.
Beads and wire for fins
Buttons for eyes - shank style worked well
Pillar candle holder for a stand (thrift store)
Please feel free to bring materials to share.
Sign-up sheet will be at April & May meeting for pattern.

October 26 - Spiral Bowl Led by Joyce Christopherson

5-rod wale spiral bowl. Made on a finished 3″ round base with 3 RR spokes. Weavers are 3 RR natural and two colors of 3 RR dyed.  It is done over a small bowl  3″ high.  Border is a rolled border or whatever the weaver chooses to do.  The inside of the spiral bowl is as pretty as the outside. Materials will be provided if you do not have.
Please contact Joyce Christopherson to register.  
E-mail: call or text 715-965-3099
Finished 3″ base $5.00
3 RR natural and dyed $10.00
Small 3″ bowl (mold) $2.00 

November 16 - TBD - Led by Mary Conradt

December - Holiday Vacation - Merry Christmas


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