Monthly Projects

Join us on January 26 for our regular meeting and potluck lunch.

2019 Jan prjt

Little Indian Twill Heart Tote led by JoAnn Lewis

3/8" FF, natural and dyed

1/4" FF, natural and dyed

11/64" flat oval

 3/8" flat oval

 #3 seagrass

February 23 - 10 Mile Creel led by Mark Hendrickson

2019 Feb 10 mi creel
5/8" FF for spokes
#3 round reed - locking row and weavers
Smoked or dyed #3 RR for middle band
1/4" FO or 7mm FO for weavers
5/8" FO rim row
#5 or #6 RR rim filler or seagrass
3/16" FO for lasher
8" leather strip to tie on pendant
$10 for materials whether in kit form or supplied day of the class.
The pendent will be an option for an additional $5
Please sign up at the January meeting or e-mail
Mark Hendrickson at:

March 30 - Patchouli Biscuit Basket led by Barbara Johnson


4" round wood base

#2 RR 

3/8" FF - spokes

3/8" FF - spokes smoked

1/4" FO - weavers natural and smoked

3/16" FO smoked

24 beads of your choice that are 3/8" to 1/2", you

will be using the #2 round reed as the carrier for beads.
Please sign up at the Jan. & Feb. meeting or contact Barbara Johnson at: I will have bases available for sale.


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